As a full-service electric motor shop, Rocky Mount Electric Motor offers a variety of products to help our customers’ operation thrive. When you need a new motor or associated equipment to replace one that has failed or want one to keep in stock as backup we can supply you with what you need. We only offer the best, most reliable products because we understand the importance of reliability. See some of the products we offer at our electric motor shop below, or reach out to learn more or schedule an appointment! 

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Shelves stocked with parts and components for electric motors.
New Motors

Large supply in stock

Fractional motors up to 200 hp

AC – DC – Single Phase

3 Phase – Stainless Steel etc.

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Constant Monitoring Device

i-Alert 2

Records vibration in three planes, temperature, and runtime

Drives & Starters

VFD’s with all the essential features built-in, simplifying drive selection, installation and use.

Built-in features for energy efficiency helping you save and manage energy.

We offer installation of your drive.

Gear Boxes

Worm Gear

Shaft Mount



Stainless Steel

And More!