A close up of an electric motor that has received laser alignment for perfect operation.

Operations often talk about laser alignment for electric motors and how essential it is. Alignment seems like a straightforward concept, but it often requires very precise measurements. And, these measurements often can only be achieved through specialized measuring tools. When dealing with component parts that constantly move, they need to stay aligned to avoid a variety of problems that would otherwise occur.

Rocky Mount Electric Motor provides professional laser alignment services to help avoid these problems. As experts in the world of electric motors, every service we provide is designed to help the health of our customers’ electric motor operation.

Benefits of Laser Alignment for Electric Motors:

1. Increased lifespan of bearings and seals

When parts stay properly aligned, they have drastically reduced chances of running incorrectly. Bearings and seals bear extra loads with misaligned operations, leading to early and often unexpected breakdowns. So, laser alignment keeps everything running smoothly for longer-lasting machine components.

2. Lower risk of overheating

When machinery works extra hard from misaligned components, a potential risk builds with excessive heat. Unnecessary friction builds up extra heat within an electric motor system, causing overheating which then may lead to further problems. Laser alignment negates this risk by allowing parts to function normally, without excess heat generated.

3. Less vibration

Vibration in an electric motor system runs the risk of loosening important components, causing parts to grind together, or weaken and break supporting parts within the motor. Laser alignment for electric motors keeps everything running as it should, without excess and unnecessary vibration.

Although these are just some of the benefits that laser alignment provides, they are still important to understanding why this simple service is a great benefit to any electric motor operation. With the professionals at Rocky Mount Electric Motor, any electric motor operation has access to laser alignment. We have worked with motors of all sizes, so make sure to schedule your laser alignment for electric motors soon!