Electric motors of various sizes lie upright in a wooden case.

No matter where electric motor vibrations happen within an electric motor system, they can cause problems. Electric motors operate under a variety of conditions that often require them to operate long-term. Vibration, no matter how small, typically results in future problems when not addressed. And, over time, it may even develop into a worse vibration that causes those future problems to escalate.

By working with a team like Rocky Mount Electric Motor, you can tackle these problems early, avoiding downtime. We have worked with motors in a variety of applications and have seen some of the problems vibrations cause in the field. With expert technicians on your side, the warning signs of vibration are found faster, avoiding further trouble in your system.

Common signs of electric motor vibrations

  • Accelerated bearing failure – Vibrations cause bearings to also excessively move within the motor, leading to early failure. If you find your bearings wearing out at a faster and faster rate, a common cause is the motor facing harmful vibrations that it can otherwise avoid.
  • Loose winding – Excessive vibration can also loosen the motor’s winding, which may lead to further damage within the motor’s mechanical systems. This often affects the insulation of the electric motor through wear and tear that leads to an eroding of the material.
  • Lead wire fragility – Excess movement of lead wires within the motor may cause them to become brittle. Lead wires breaking then obviously leads to either a less-efficient or completely unusable system.
  • Brush sparking – Brush sparking within an electric motor sometimes comes as part of standard operation. However, a noticeable increase in brush sparking may indicate reduced spring pressure caused from overly-worn brushes.

You can avoid each of these issues when you work with Rocky Mount Electric Motor. The decades of experience our technicians bring to every worksite allows us to reduce downtime by helping find your motor’s vibration source and recommend whatever fixes necessary.

Analysis finds problems with ease

Because electric motors often operate at rapid speeds, vibrations often are not visible to the naked eye. Through advanced vibration analysis tools and software, technicians are able to pinpoint the source of vibration. This allows for targeted repairs that deal with the source of the problem, and don’t simply replace parts that are consistently worn out due to the vibration. So, this analysis not only helps to preserve the life of your overall system, but it also saves on replacement costs and potential downtime.

Predictive maintenance prevents vibrations

Obviously electric motor problems must be answered as soon as they are discovered. But, through predictive maintenance, problems are dealt with before they even start. Utilizing the latest analysis tools and software, you can predict where problems will arise before they do. Electric motors of each type often have a history of operation that allows development of a predictive maintenance program. Depending on where a motor may face future vibrations, your team can then address those areas before excess vibrations begin. This helps to completely rid yourself of any potential wear and tear that the vibration would otherwise cause.

How Rocky Mount Electric Motor can help

The team at Rocky Mount Electric Motor operates on a mindset to not only fix your electric motor system, but actively improve it and the processes surrounding it. Our decades of experience mean we have worked with electric motors of all varieties. We carry all the necessary tools and tactics to help your operation find its faults and fix them.

Dealing with electric motor vibrations? Give us a call! Our team stands ready to assist your electric motor system through quality analysis, consultation, repair, and ongoing maintenance.