A worker diagnosing common electric motor problems.

Rocky Mount Electric Motor provides not only electric motors for sale, but also a team with decades of experience who are on your side when you need us most. We know electric motors and the solutions to any problem they may face. Some of these common electric motor problems include:

1. Overheating

Every motor generates heat during operation. But, it is when that heat becomes unregulated and overbearing on the system that it quickly becomes a problem. Even a couple degrees difference starts to cause additional wear on engine components. And, this then leads to other issues from parts breaking down before they normally should.

2. Voltage fluctuations

Harmonic distortion causing voltage fluctuations within a system also causes additional wear and tear. This comes from excess energy being sent through the system. When this happens, component parts such as bearings and windings take more of a workload than usual. This causes not only internal energy loss, but also additional wear and tear.

3. Vibration

Depending on where your motor is located, it may suffer from excess vibration during operation. Vibration is difficult to detect without thorough vibration analysis. This sees where vibration is occurring, and helps an operator know what needs to be done to address the issue. Over time, when it is not fixed, vibrations also cause additional wear and potential damage to different parts within the motor.

Fix common electric motor problems fast

Whether your operation has faced recent problems and needs someone to fix an electric motor quickly or you want to bring in professionals for predictive maintenance to stop problems before they start, the team at Rocky Mount Electric Motor is here to help. With our experienced technicians and the latest techniques and equipment on the market, we’ll find your electric motor problems and solve them in record time. Reach out and give us a call today!