A man performs predictive maintenance by using a lubrication tool to ensure electric motor lubrication is done correctly.

Through electric motor lubrication, bearings maintain a longer lifespan. This knowledge is generally well known. However, without a proper maintenance plan in place, operations may not know how often it becomes necessary. Improper lubrication of parts puts any component part on the fast track toward failure. So, those operating electric motors need to ensure they have a professional electric motor maintenance team at the ready to help them when the time comes for lubrication of parts.

Rocky Mount Electric Motor works to help any electric motor operation receive proper electric motor lubrication. Using the latest technologies available with the ultrasound assisted and evidence based lubrication system of LUBExpert  and the latest techniques for lubrication programs, our team provides some of the best lubrication services for electric motors available.

Past Electric Motor Lubrication Methods

Those with electric motors remember (or maybe even still use) lubrication programs that relied on lubrication being done at time-based intervals. Although these certainly guaranteed that greasing of bearings happens, it may not have been a necessary service at the time. Over greasing a bearing is actually more harmful than under greasing.  Greasing of the bearing also should always have the intention of improving the bearing’s condition. However, without having proper data about its condition and applying lubrication anyway, it may cause no improvement.

Entering an Automatic World

For some, the next step in lubrication technologies was the automatic lubricators. These devices performed a similar function to technicians by applying grease to the motor’s bearings. But, the problem was that these lubricators also based their lubrication on time intervals. This reduced labor costs, but never addressed the problem of greasing components when they may not have needed it done.

Upgrading for Better Electric Motor Lubrication

So, the next stage of development for lubrication services obviously looked to answer the problems previously present. The answer comes with the LUBExpert system from SDT. Rocky Mount Electric Motor utilizes this system because it ensures lubrication work is always done the right way. That means the right lubricant, delivered at the right location, at the right intervals, with the right quantity of grease.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned earlier, the LUBExpert  system uses ultrasound assisted technologies. This sensor technology monitors bearings and the level of friction they face. The tool then injects the amount of lubricant the bearing needs to meet optimum operative levels. 

So, using these modern systems, Rocky Mount Electric Motor guarantees better bearing lifespans. Whether your operation’s greasing of bearings has unreliable or inconsistent results or you want to start your electric motor operations right, give us a call to start your lubrication program!