Electric motors of various sizes lie upright in a wooden case.

How Do Electric Motor Vibrations Harm Your Operation?

No matter where electric motor vibrations happen within an electric motor system, they can cause problems. Electric motors operate under a variety of conditions that often require them to operate long-term. Vibration, no matter how small, typically results in future problems when not addressed. And, over time, it may even develop into a worse vibration…

Two electric motors sit on a pallet in a production factory.

How Does Thermal Imaging for Electric Motors Work?

Electrical problems can come in many forms. What seems like an issue with a motor may actually be an issue with the motor control center, or the wiring connecting the motor. Often, isolating these problems can be difficult. Thermal imaging helps discover problems fast. Operating a thermal imaging system while your electric motor runs highlights…

A man performs predictive maintenance by using a lubrication tool to ensure electric motor lubrication is done correctly.

How Often is Electric Motor Lubrication Necessary?

Through electric motor lubrication, bearings maintain a longer lifespan. This knowledge is generally well known. However, without a proper maintenance plan in place, operations may not know how often it becomes necessary. Improper lubrication of parts puts any component part on the fast track toward failure. So, those operating electric motors need to ensure they…

An AC motor on the floor of Rocky Mount Electric Motor Company, waiting to receive AC motor maintenance.

Why is Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance Important?

Technicians all over know that discussions around electric motor predictive maintenance happen more and more with each passing year. A practice that different industries now utilize more than ever, its importance seems irrefutable to the business of electric motors. At Rocky Mount Electric Motor, we regularly provide these services for the excellent benefits they provide.…

A close up of an electric motor that has received laser alignment for perfect operation.

What are the benefits of laser alignment for electric motors?

Operations often talk about laser alignment for electric motors and how essential it is. Alignment seems like a straightforward concept, but it often requires very precise measurements. And, these measurements often can only be achieved through specialized measuring tools. When dealing with component parts that constantly move, they need to stay aligned to avoid a…

A worker diagnosing common electric motor problems.

Common Electric Motor Problems and their Solutions

Rocky Mount Electric Motor provides not only electric motors for sale, but also a team with decades of experience who are on your side when you need us most. We know electric motors and the solutions to any problem they may face. Some of these common electric motor problems include: 1. Overheating Every motor generates…

An exterior photograph of Rocky Mount Electric Motor with one of their trucks pulling an electric motor on a trailer.

We’re Expanding

Our addition is starting to take place. The new 30-foot tall building will have a 10-ton bridge crane, 2-ton bridge crane and several smaller jib cranes. We need the extra space and this will allow us to work on larger units with ease.